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Musings...On Perseverance (Early Life Influencers and Mentors)

Updated: Jan 19, 2021


@Photo Credit: Pinterest

After O-levels, I was advised to transfer to a school that followed the Indian Education Board. My options were limited as private schools were prohibitively expensive and government schools lacked academic rigor. My grades were good and my heart was set on the academically excellent yet affordable, Lady Irwin School.

I went to the school office with a lot of hope, only to find that admissions had just closed and classes had begun. I came back disheartened and despondent. I was inconsolable. My father listened patiently, gave me hope, and said we should meet the principal. Nest day, we waited all morning, but the principal was busy. For a whole week this routine continued. We went, we waited and came back without being able to meet her. She was too busy. I started getting annoyed with my father. It seemed futile standing in front of the principal's office day after day.

Dad, however, did not lose hope and on our 7th visit, when the principal was seeing a visitor out, my father took the opportunity and spoke with her. She nodded, looked at me briefly, and walked away. Three days later, the principal called us in and said I could start attending classes from the next day. I couldn't believe my ears. Why did she change her mind? Why did she bend the rules and take me in?

In a subsequent meeting, the principal mentioned that she had sought special approval from the board. She was impressed with my father's perseverance and commitment to his daughter's education. And, this was the second most important lesson I learnt. The importance of Perseverance even in situations with little or no hope.

I struggle with perseverance and even now, give up too easily. What are your thoughts about perseverance? How do you respond to those who demonstrate perseverance? I would love to hear any personal stories.


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