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Nandita began her career over three decades ago as a software developer at the University of California, Berkeley. Upon returning back to her home country (India) she constantly found herself looking for new challenges and opportunities for growth. Her path has included working and holding leadership positions in Tata Consultancy Services, American Express, GE, Fidelity and IBM. She holds two patents, has been a key speaker at technology forums, and the recipient of numerous awards for her leadership abilities.

In 2014, Nandita left IBM to pursue other passions, including mentoring non-profits and start-ups. Since then she has been in an advisory role in the Technology and Digital function and has taken on corporate coaching engagements.

Glass Buildings

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

-Thomas Edison


Competency Leader and Senior Leadership Team, Technology Organization

Rated 2.5+ on a -3 to +3 Leadership Improvement scale

Stakeholder Centered Coaching is a very effective program and Nandita is the best coach and mentor. When we started the program, it was a huge challenge to follow the path of this leadership growth program – to ask my co-workers for feedback, create an action plan, and demonstrate action was difficult; Nandita coached, supported, and mentored me in each milestone, which helped me improve, grow and be more effective and efficient.

Anyone can become a great leader who invests and involves their 100% in this transformational journey. We need to be disciplined, humble, and patient to follow Nandita's coaching; you will be happy to see gradual progress and significant improvement in you and your outcome. If I can do, anyone can do great."

Group Leader and Leadership Team, Technology Organization

2.5+ on a -3 to +3 Leadership Improvement scale

Thank you so much for helping me to step into the next level in my career. My engagement with you for the last one year has created huge positive impacts in my professional and personal life. I will follow and implement my learning effectively and share this knowledge to the best of my ability.


Though initially I found it difficult to follow and implement actions, however, the positive results of acting based on the direction given by this program made things simpler and motivated me to continue.


The coaching program is not about learning any new technology or project management, but, it is about learning how to learn and how to implement whatever we learned more effectively. This is something fundamental that everyone misses – we learn many things but are unable to implement them effectively. The beauty of this program is that it is not changing our work methodology or process but helps us to figure out the best way to integrate small actions as part of our daily life.

Various Leaders in Tech MNCs

… such great conversations...each time I walked away with so many things to think about, to introspect, to reflect….

…that was such an aha moment… why didn't I think of that?...

…sharing your vast experience and simplifying complex things made it easier to integrate them easily into my work life.


… friendly and approachable


….very engaging program with plenty of learnings and realizations


…a lifetime of learnings in a year-long program


…developed many good habits like reading, watching leadership speeches, preparation before a presentation


… confidence in handling new technologies, different people and difficult customers as well


…I would like to share my knowledge and groom others...

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